Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Gone to pot

The Chancellor's 2018 Budget spread breadcrumbs around Conservative favourite causes yesterday, with a promised of fully-buttered slices if MPs back a Brexit deal blind, with the last cards still to be turned by the EU dealer. Check back to count how many Hammond promises of more funding start from 2020.

One sprinkle of crumbs came in the form of an additional £420m for local councils to spend mending potholes, shared between 214 councils. East Sussex County Council, and their building chums at Costain, spent £1.4m on pothole and pothole prevention in the year to March 2018. Cycling UK runs a website for members to report both new holes and fixed holes. and puts East Sussex at 186th in a their league table, with 1137 potholes reported, 106 reports still open, and 124 fixed - a percentage of 11%.

Still, East Sussex and Highways England can now spend more taxpayers' money fighting for a slice of the newly enhanced £28.8bn RIS2 new road fund. Remember, they've spent £3m trying prove the case for a new dual carriageway between Lewes and Polegate - twice the money they spent on the county's potholes in a year. 

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