Monday, 25 March 2019


The Department of Transport is still refusing to release the business case for an offline dual carriageway between Lewes and Polegate - but has now issued the scope that Highways England gave to consultants back in 2017.

Insiders have told us that this was a "quick and dirty job", and it's crystal clear that corners were cut in the six month study. No other forms of transport - rail, bus, trams, cycling - were to be part of the calculations; and there would NO PUBLIC CONSULTATION. This is how our elected representatives and their paid officials drive transport planning in this country, and it is a disgrace. 

7.9 Modal scope

a) The study will be predominantly single mode in scope, covering strategic and
local authority road networks.

7.10 Exclusions
a) It is assumed that there will be no Public Consultation as part of PCF Stage

Friday, 22 March 2019

In the driving seat

Here's a non-elected council officer. with a second job as lead officer of Transport for the South East promoting even more economic growth if only the Government could invest more in infrastructure. I haven't heard the whole speech, though I will be requesting a copy. Shall we have a bet that it doesn't include 'the environment' or 'carbon' or 'climate change' ?

Saturday, 2 March 2019

What rhymes with Grayling ?

Just a reminder, readers. Chris Grayling is the man who is supposed to decide on the economic and strategic case for an offline dual carriageway between Lewes and Polegate later this year. So that's all good then, eh ?