Sunday, 7 October 2018

Crucial role

East Sussex County Council's Rupert Clubb "has a wide range of responsibilities affecting our quality of life and how we live, travel and enjoy our local environment."

You could be forgiven for thinking what he really likes is roads. He's also Chief Officer forTransport for the South East, and will be hosting a stall at the Highways UK conference at the NEC in Birmingham for two days in November.

Says Rupe “It’s a chance to tell people more about the difference we will make to the South East and the crucial role that a modern, smart and sustainable road network will play in our strategy.

“The South East it the UK’s international gateway – our ports and airports connect us to the rest of the world. But of course they rely in large part on efficient highway access to keep people and goods moving and that’s one reason why we’re looking forward to conversations with some of the experts from the highways sector who’ll be at the event in Birmingham.”

That's roads. Not rail, buses, bicycles, working from home and walking.

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