Friday, 21 September 2018

Travelling Clubb

Rupert Clubb, running transport and a lot of other things for East Sussex County Council, actually lives in West Sussex - on the old A27 in the hamlet of Crossbush, by-passed some years ago.

His journey, if by car, to his Lewes HQ would take around 40 minutes. He likes cycling, but I suspect doesn't often used two wheels in the week - using part of National Cycle Route 2, it would take nearly two and half hours. Surely, more than ten years into the job, he's sorted a public transport route ? Just under two hours along the South Coast, on three trains. Not much slower to go from Arundel up to Gatwick and back out to Lewes.

I'm guessing he drives - with a nice parking space in that central courtyard off St Anne's Crescent.

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